Emerald’s First Day In Preschool

I wanted to write a blog about this, but Sarah’s Facebook post yesterday expressed how we both felt about the experience as well as anything I could say…

I am SO proud of my big girl on her first day of school. She was all smiles and excitement at home this morning but started to get pretty nervous in the car on the way over. She said she was scared no one would be there to take care of her and she’d be lonely. 😢 I was able to remind her that Jesus is always with her and will always take care of her, so she never has to be alone. That really seemed to comfort her. (And it was a good reminder for me too – that even as she grows up and does more and more without me, He is always with her.) When we got to school she was happy. She started to get a little upset as I was leaving, but her teachers were awesome and got her coloring at just the right time. A no-tears drop off on the first day is totally a win!!

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