Hot & Fresh AC Troubles

*Update 8/27/17 – Thanks so much to everyone who decided to help with this! You covered half of the total bill for the repair!

I know a lot of people have much worse times than Sarah and I at the start of their ministries. I’m trying not to let it blur into cliche in my mind, while I hear story after story about ministries started up to the tune of hardships and frustrations.

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this, but here we are, at the start of Sarah’s and my ministries, with a completely dead central AC unit in our house. The verdict is, we need a whole new unit, the current one being 21 years old. After traveling from house to house while Texas gives new meaning to “the great American melting pot”, we’re finally getting the entire system replaced today.

Despite all the frustrations, God has made it clear that he is with us in this. The family and I are in high spirits, and honestly thankful for how God is stretching our faith. Some of our friends and supporters already sprang at the opportunity to help us, and we’re so thankful!

The total estimate for the AC replacement is $4,800, and we’ve already received $1,661 in contributions! If we end up paying the rest of the bill ourselves, that’s more than fair. In any other vocation, that would be our only option. If you feel led to help us with this financial need, we could sure use it! We’re grateful for any amount! Click here to give via PayPal.

For those of you who have already contributed, you have pointed us to better trust in Jesus through your relief. Thank you so much, and God bless you!


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