I’ve never really had a reason to keep up with a blog before, but now I feel like the reasons are piling up. Simply put, if I post a blog anywhere I’ll also post it here, but I wanted to start it off with some hopes I have for this site before I start posting.

Wherever you are spiritually, I hope to encourage you in your belief that Jesus died for people like me and you. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed enemy of the gospel or an ordained minister, I want what I put here to remind you that Jesus gave his life to bring people like you and me back into a relationship with God.

Next, as I’m starting on this two-year journey as a resident at Austin Stone, I wanted a way to look back through this time and (hopefully) see the spiritual growth God is working out in me. I want to read these posts years from now and see them as ebeneezers where God made good on a promise, or taught me something, or otherwise got a grip on my affections.

Likewise, I want to keep all of you updated on what I’m doing in my residency. I’m hoping to be a part of some exciting things, and I want to include you in that as much as possible. Ministry needs prayer to function as well, so when you pray for me, think about the things I’ve shared here.

I want to show off the gorgeousness, grace and beauty of my wife and daugher. I’ll update you about things my wife, Sarah, is doing, and I’ll probably post some pictures of some ridiculous predicaments Emerald gets us both into.

I’ll be writing some blogs for the Austin Stone while I’m on staff. Some may be spiritual, others may be technical and music-related. I’ll repost those blogs here as well.

Thanks for reading, please consider subscribing, and leave a message after the tone.


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